Great Methods Proven to Naturally Grow Your Hair

Are you still finding it hard to get a grip on this whole hair loss thing? I know from personal experiences that it can be tough. Besides that most products out there are pretty much all the same.

At least they leave you with the same results overall and that is a continued loss of your hair. You really need to take a different approach to hair growth if you want to see real results.

Granted there are no miracle cures or anything that will guarantee you complete hair growth, but I’ve found that natural remedies are the closest thing to it. They’ve worked extremely well for so many people just like you and I.

One of the best things you could possibly do for your hair right now is change the way you shampoo it. This doesn’t require much effort other than just using a different kind and alternating the days you do it.

You need to be aware that 90% of commercial shampoo contains Sodium Laureth Sulphate, a de-greasing agent that helps the shampoo get rid of dirt and oil buildup. The downside to most commercial shampoos is that they leave behind residue that you cannot see.

This residue then works to clog your follicles and even strip your hair out over time. This is why I strongly urge you to try using natural shampoo products, such as those that contain aloe vera, green tea, and even oils like tea tree oil.

They give your hair body and even can work towards stimulating hair growth. Green tea is known to do this because it contains catechins that help to block the buildup of the hormone DHT. DHT is responsible for male pattern baldness and even various types of female hair loss.

Besides changing the types of shampoo you use, vary the days you shampoo your hair as well. Cleansing the hair and scalp each day is not a healthy thing to do. Your hair does require some oils to grow properly. Shampooing every day will strip these oils out and lead to even more hair loss. A great suggestion would be once ever other day.

Fighting hair loss naturally is the true way to go that leads to faster results. You can experience some easy and powerful techniques to naturally regrow hair in a flash with the help of this site here: