2010 China International Health Industry Expo And Health Industry Development Forum – Health

Start time: 2010-09-02 End time: 2010-09-04 Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Centre
Contact: ZHANG Lin Contact Phone: 021-64607399 Sponsored by: Gao Jian National Professional Committee of Health Promotion Committee

Sponsor: Shanghai China and Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd.
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Approved by: State Administration for Industry (Business City letter word 2010 91)
Sponsored by: Gao Jian National Professional Committee of Health Promotion Committee
China Cooperation Trade Enterprises Association Association for the Promotion of Health Green
China and Hong Kong International Exhibition Group
Supported by: China Health Care Association, Shanghai Office
Shanghai Health Industry Development Promotion Association
Sponsor: Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai China and Hong Kong
Introduction: 21 century, changes in the world is growing. China, especially in the reform and opening up, social progress and economic growth rate for all to see the people’s standard of living is very fast, already well-off from access to adequate food and clothing. Under this background, further larger goals of social development, people’s living quality into a higher grade, more and more people to nutrition and health as an important way of life.

Endless human health needs, “health” of this major industry can be divided into two types: one is the disease industry?? Existing health systems and related industries, but it is a passive industry, and only a disease personnel will be its customers, market stability, but limited. The other is the health industry, it is an active and positive industry, people will willingly become its customers, everyone wants a healthier, live longer and avoid disease. Health industry is a sunrise industry worldwide, its market wide growth at an alarming rate, more and more people to health as an important way of life, health, industry, business opportunities. The exhibition is sponsored by the Government Association jointly put forward Sheng, Dingli Juxian to new ideas, to create professional, international, branded professional event.

Show Features: Outstanding academic and technological exchanges?? The exhibition will feature the meeting as a result of the services value-added content to hold, rather than simply display. The number of games will be held in academic forums and technical exchange seminars.

Prominent high-tech? – The General Assembly will be held “healthy industrial chain,” high-tech conference, “Healthy Healthy Living in China” as the theme for the manufacturers and trade cooperation to create an opportunity to promote the rapid development of the industry.

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2010 World Expo in Shanghai during the gathering of foreign
organic and overseas buyers, manufacturers face to face communication
establish the company’s brand image, expand the domestic health market
nearly 18,000 square meters of exhibition space, to create the industry trade feast
more than 30 countries with the global agricultural sector buyers face to face with the end consumer the opportunity to discuss

master distributor of domestic CIGO comprehensive information,
experience Organic Food Successful multi-channel sales model
latest industry technology and application equipment CIGO

listen to overseas experts on the health industry market dynamics,

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