Best ways to natural sleep

If you too struggle to fall asleep at night or benefit from a restful 8 hours sleep, then the following checklist can provide you with a detailed guide of all the best ways to experience natural sleep every single night.

1.  Take a sleeping aid

Natural sleeping aids such as NightCalm are a simple, yet effective way to overcome sleep deprivation and experience peaceful, natural sleep.

Enriched in 5HTP, this naturally derived amino acid encourages increased serotonin production within your brain which is needed to help regulate your body’s natural sleeping patterns.

But this is not all…

With NightCalm‘s support, you can confidently experience improved sleeping patterns, better concentration, a healthier sexual appetite, as well as beat depression, anxiety, stress and migraines – all of which are proven, negative side effects of having too little sleep!

2.  Darken your house

A few hours before you go to bed, start making your house dark – even if it is still light outside. This will help to set the mood and help your body to recognise that it is time to calm down.

3.  Eat carbohydrates

It is never good to go to bed on an empty stomach, especially when 12 hours could pass before you eat again (between your evening meal and breakfast). By eating some potatoes, rice, pasta, porridge or bread, you can curb this hunger and prevent hunger pangs from waking you up.

However, it is important to note that you SHOULD NOT eat immediately before you go to bed, as a full stomach will leave you feeling uncomfortable and bloated.

4.  Try to relax

Calming techniques such as reading, listening to music and doing yoga in a dimly lit room can help to encourage natural sleep.

To relax, begin by relaxing your jaw and letting your mouth hang open slightly. Your face is a natural indicator of when you are stressed, so by beginning here and helping your muscles to calm, you can help your worries to drift away.

Next work your way up from your toes to your ankles, knees etc, making sure that each section is relaxed before you move onto the next.

A good trick is to imagine your tensions flowing from out of your body through your toes, fingers and the top of your head. Try to imagine a tingling sensation as you release them.

5.  Breathing exercises

Closing your eyes take slow deep breaths through your nose and into your abdomen. Repeat this for 5 minutes and make sure you do them every night to ensure relaxed, natural sleep.

6.  Electrical equipment

Keep electrical equipment such as phone chargers, clocks and alarms a few feet away from the bed as they create force-fields which can affect your brain and disrupt your natural sleep patterns.

7.  Temperature

Keep your bedroom temperature below 70 degrees F. If you get cold, try wearing socks and using extra blankets.

8.  Music

As mentioned earlier, listening to music can help you to relax before you go to bed. However, sleep music can also help to block out white noise (floors creaking, dogs barking, traffic) and help your brain to relax and enter into natural sleep.

9.  Drinks

Stop drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee at least 5 hours before you go to bed. Coffee is a notorious stimulant which takes hours to break down and leave your system.

Other drinks to avoid include alcohol, tea and fizzy drinks.

10.  Have a relaxing bath

Having a hot bath or shower before you go to bed can help your body’s temperature to drop, which aids in natural sleep.

Welcome to, start enjoying a good nights sleep…