Finding Natural Insomnia Remedies

If you frequently find it hard to get a decent night’s sleep – perhaps more than once or twice a week – then it could be the case that you’re suffering from insomnia. And when you don’t get enough sleep every night, the effects of sleep deprivation will soon start to take their toll. Whilst this can be a difficult condition to live with, there are a few natural insomnia remedies you can try.

The Atmosphere in Your Bedroom

Some of the simplest insomnia remedies begin with small changes to your bedroom. One thing that can make falling asleep and staying asleep a lot harder is keeping a big, glowing clock next to your bed. Each time you wake you probably check the time, and only make it harder for you to get to sleep after worrying. It’s a vicious cycle, so just get rid of that clock now!

You should also try to make sure your bedroom stays dark enough. If you have very light curtains then the chances are the sun shining through is going to wake you up in the early hours. You should try getting darker curtains or even an eye mask.

Herbal Insomnia Remedies

There are a number of herbal remedies that are also designed to help keep you sleeping better. These herbal remedies often work as a way to either relax you or to get rid of underlying anxiety – since anxiety is a common reason for sleep troubles.

Some top herbal sleep remedies include:


You can easily take these in tablets or teas – just remember not to drink your tea too late at night or else you’ll be awake to use the toilet! Another great way of getting the benefit of these herbs is through essential oils. Try burning them in an oil burner, or adding a few drops to a warm bath.

Other Tips for You to Try

You should also try to clear your mind as much as possible before going to sleep. Easier said than done, perhaps? Try to think positively about sleeping. Don’t put pressure on yourself to fall asleep, but also try to avoid any mental activity before your bedtime.

Lastly, you could even try a sleep inducing CD. These work for a number of people. They are relaxing but also help to block out background noise, keeping you in a deeper sleep for longer.

As you can see, there are plenty of natural insomnia remedies for you to try. You don’t always have to resort to sleeping pills, and in many cases it’s best to avoid them if possible!

If you do have insomnia or difficulty sleeping then there are a number of things you can use as sleep home remedies. It’s important to try as much as you can to avoid the side effects of sleeping pills and take advantage of natural sleep aids.