Natural Ways to Beat Insomnia

If you have no faith in modern medicine, there are other avenues for you. These will give you choices to treat your insomnia.


There are many sleep remedies that can help cure insomnia. These include natural herb remedies as well as life management in order to be rid of the root cause as well as treating the insomnia itself. Natural cures for insomia were raised from traditional medicine as well as treatment from other cultures and also from alternative medicine research.

Plants have been used for treatment of diseases for a very long time. These knowledge of natural cures have been handed from one generation to another by a family of shamans, healers and the other healers of every tribe and cultures. The secrets are usually kept within the family and handed down from parent to children and sometimes from teacher to apprentice.

Valerian is a plant that has been used for a long time as a traditional cure for insomnia. Studies have shown that valerian is indeed effective but the mechanism of how it works is still being studied by scientists. Drugs acting on the brain usually have addictive effects after prolonged use which is why the use is limited to a few days. Unlike these agents, valerian is not addictive so it can be used safely used but it takes several doses to take effect. These are available in capsule and tea form. As a precaution, it is not recommended to use valerian with other drugs that can induce sleep or depress the nervous system.

Melatonin is a natural product of the body and is said to be deficient in people with insomnia. Like, valerian, this is not addictive and can be taken for long term treatment. But these are not recommended for certain conditions like schizophrenia, depression and pregnancy. Melatonin induces sleep and can correct defects in the sleep wake cycle. It has been proven effective and is available as supplement.

Kava is another natural product that is used to cure insomnia brought about by anxiety. But medical reports have advised caution in using it. There are still other natural products from plants and animals used to treat insomnia but these are mostly confined to the tribe or cultural groups and scientific studies are inconclusive with regards to their effectively.

Aside from diet, there are other means for treating insomnia. These use manipulation as well as relaxation techniques that can give a person peace of mind and help him fall asleep. Diet plays an important role in helping induce and maintain healthy sleep. Wise dietary advice includes eating a balanced diet. It is important to stay away from caffeine at night especially those who are sensitive to the substance. Sugar should also be avoided but complex carbs is advisable for consumption. Magnesium is also a must as this can induce sleep.

There are relaxation techniques that can help induce sleep. Visualization is to imagine yourself in a calm place like a peaceful beach or a garden with lots of flowers. Relaxation response is based on the principles of transcendental meditation. Another meditation technique is to focus on the present. Yoga is also a useful technique as this can calm the mind as well as the muscles.

Insomnia may be difficult to deal with. However, there are many other ways to fall asleep but what is important is that the mind can rest and give you the rest you badly need.



Danial Hurley is an expert is a health care expert that specializes studies about alternative medicine like meditation, etc.