Organic Skin Care Products – Make Your Own

With skincare products being outdone by yet other skin care products, the vanity fad isn’t likely to calm down. But another vanity fad leans toward healthier ingredients and an easing up on the environment: organic skin care products. The premise is that the best skin care need not include ingredients neglectful of both the harm they cause to people’s skin and the chemical footprints their manufacture and disposal leave on the environment. The good thing about the organic skincare product fad, even if you don’t follow the news, is something many already noticed: you can make your own.

Natural organic skin care products contain no additives or preservatives, and you can make them in the comforts of home right after you shop for the ingredients from the nearest market or store.

Oatmeal is one of the most common, affordable, and easily found ingredients for making your own organic skincare products. Oatmeal contains whole oats that have been found to have soft textures; perfect for use as both cleansing and exfoliating agents. They gently scrape away the skin’s top layer, taking away dead skin cells and impurities accumulated in the course of a busy day; all these while leaving healthy skin barely touched. With some research, you’ll discover that most of the natural skincare masks and facial skin care treatments you can buy at the retail stores outlets all have oatmeal in them. Knowing this, you’d hesitate to buy those small jars when you can get oatmeal from stores have make man jars of them at home.

You can also add other organic ingredients to your oatmeal, which are great as natural moisturisers: avocado, honey, olive oil, mayonnaise, and plain yogurt. Each of these adds moisture to your skin without clogging your pores or irritating your skin. These tend to be effective for most skin types – normal, oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination of these.

Eggs have been found to contain high levels of vitamin A that’s crucial to healthy skin. So this means that raw eggs, when beaten, work effectively as masks. Other masks traditionally mixed and used at home include a paste of honey and oatmeal. You could also add some mashed avocado, some olive oil, and other ingredients.

Women have been churning out their own homemade organic skin care products for ages; even before expensive artificial ingredients, mass production, glamorous advertising, and retail stores came to the scene. Beauty products need not be expensive if you make your own.

Luke Bond is a skincare product specialist and writer for Skincare Secrets, an online resource for natural healthy skincare products designed to treat a variety of skin concerns and problems. He enjoys sharing his skincare knowledge with others through writing articles and publishing the Skincare Update offered by the site.