6 Tips To Have A Happy And Healthy Child

I am sure that your kids safety is of utmost importance to you. A twin pushchair or pink prams can be a bit troublesome at times.

To make sure that your kids stay happy and healthy all the time here are six basic concern areas.


Keep checking them to make sure that they are clean. When you change their nappies, wash around their genitals area very thoroughly with soap and water and then dry it completely as dampness down there can lead to painful fungal infections.

Never allow it to remain damp at all.

Happiness to very young kids means being neat ant tidy. Sharp finger nails can hurt them, and you for that matter, so file them right down on a regular basis.

Loose fitting clothing, even though they are growing all the time, will make them feel a lot happier and more comfortable. If they get too hot they will become irritable.

The absolute ideal thing for them to drink is mum’s breast milk whilst they are still twin babies. It is full of goodness for your child plus it helps you bond with them.

But make sure that you are doing what we say you should do for them. Keep your nipple area very clean and eat good food yourself. First weaning them off the breast is a dangerous time. Make sure that you clean and sterilise the bottle each time you use one.

There is a danger of catching some cattle diseases if baby is given cow’s milk so heat it up totally and then let it cool down and it should be alright.
Their room.

Their room needs to have plenty of light and air circulation. Have some toys, particularly musical ones on hand to help soothe baby to sleep.

Do all you can to stop insects getting in. A bite from a tiny insect can cause problems for little children. Malaria and yellow fever are two diseases at the worst end of the scale that can be caught this way.

Kids do have extra sleep to grown ups so do not let it worry you if they are quiet in bed.
Potty Training.

You must be additionally careful when they reach this age. Even when it is used by your own two little ones, the toilet seat needs to have antiseptic treatment after every single use. Your other kids or anyone else ought not use it either.
Taking babies out.

All your little ones clothing as well as the pram or pushchair should have a name and address label on. This helps just in case you get split up for some unfortunate reason.

Fastening the seat belts securely in your car to keep the little ones safe is very important.

You can always ring the emergency services if you are in a panic but, taking the steps we have suggested, that will probably not be necessary. The twin pushchairs will no doubt be used a lot without any mishap then.

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