Behind the doors lies the secret to a warm and happy home

If every Englishman’s home is his castle, then the doors represent the drawbridge which is the main defence against unwanted visitors. But not everyone wants to deter people from knocking at their door, and many people actually use their front door to give off a message that there is a warm and friendly welcome waiting inside.

In fact, the type and style of a house’s front door can say a great deal about the people within. Surveys have shown that, while white remains the most popular colour for a front door – being chosen by about a quarter of people, and emerging as the favourite hue for homeowners in the Midlands, north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west and Wales – it was outvoted by red in London and Scotland, and black in Northern Ireland.

The fact that white is a clear favourite is no doubt down to it being by far the top choice of people for their uPVC doors. However, it is not the only choice, and door manufacturers are increasingly offering their uPVC models in a choice of shades designed to resemble the grain of natural wood.

The same is true of patio doors. People have traditionally played it more safe with these than with their front door, either choosing styles and colours which match the rest of their window frames, or opting for a solidly traditional and neutral black. This is probably because uPVC patio doors are a comparatively recent innovation, and manufacturers and installers have decided to stick to the tried and trusted rather than challenge people to opt for something out of the ordinary.

With the colour choice made, it just remains to pick the right style. And it’s here that the options really do pile up. Again, there are solidly traditional styles which will never go out of fashion, but there are also many different options for anyone who wants to make their door a reflection of their style and personality.

For the real ‘Englishman’s home is his castle’ look, a solid door is the best choice, while styles which incorporate a small glazed panel or ‘light’ are also resolutely traditional. Less common are varieties which have a large glass area. Whereas at one time this would have been mainly for security reasons, modern glass makes it more feasible to have a door with a substantial glass area, especially if it will help concentrate light into the lobby or hallway behind.

Choosing a company which can give you access to several UPVC doors quotes while saving you the time and trouble of shopping around yourself will take much hassle out of the process of picking new doors. Such a company can also source UPVC patio doors quotes from companies which are often recommended by satisfied customers.