Natural Skin Care Lines – Are You Using Any of These 3 Nasty Ingredients?

Finding the best natural skin care lines is no easy task. We are bombarded with different options and different products every single day. How can we possibly know which ones to choose and which ones to pass up?

The key to finding really effective natural skin care lines is to learn reach ingredients you really want in your products and which ones you want to avoid. There are many toxic substances and unnatural man-made chemicals in our products today.

Even some natural skin care lines contain these chemicals, which can harm your skin, cause you to age faster and even cause cancer in the worst of cases. So you want to discover what these chemicals are so you can avoid them in the natural skin care lines that you are buying.

A few examples of these ingredients are parabens, alcohols, fragrances and mineral oils. There are many more substances like these, but these are the one most common ones that you should avoid if you can.

Let’s look at these ingredients in more depth:

Parabens — these are widely used as a preservative in almost all skincare products today, even the natural skin care lines use parabens because it’s cheap and it’s easy to use. Parabens are known to cause allergic reactions, and even cancer suggested by recent studies.

Mineral oils — also known as paraffin and petrolatum, mineral oils can clog up your skin and prevent your body from from eliminating toxins, which can lead to skin problems such as acne or rashes. The deceptive part of mineral oils is that it coats your skin which makes it seem like you have less wrinkles and fine lines. So you might think that your skin actually looks better when mineral oils are making long-term damage to your skin.

Fragrances — you might think that a nice smell in your natural skin care lines would be harmless, but did you know that fragrances can cause anything from allergic reactions and hyperactivity to even depression.
Many natural skin care lines claim to be completely natural and organic, but when you look closer at them you discover that something isn’t entirely right.

So when you’re looking for the best, most effective natural anti-aging products, look for ingredients like Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame and Active Manuka Honey. These are cutting-edge ingredients that have been proven to work and that have been proven to be completely safe without side effects.

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