Android Programming ? Easy and Interesting

Android programming is not a difficult process. It needs step by step integration of development activities to develop an idea into usable Android app. Numerous developers are involved in android Web Development all over the world and millions are in line. One can create effective apps by learning Java thoroughly and utilize Android open source operating system.

Android is software platform complete with operating system, middleware and applications. The secret of android popularity is its open source operating system having enormous capacity to develop limitless useful applications. Android programming is easy and interesting but it is must to study Java seriously before making any special efforts.

The first step involves installing an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). IDE is software that provides tools to code programs, like editor, compiler, debugger and more. And again, Java is must for easy Android app development. It is recommended using Eclipse IDE as it is used by most Universities. However, Netbeans is also a popular choice.

Second step is to get specialized tools for Android programming, provided by Android SDK. Users can install Android Development Tools plug in case they are using Eclipse IDE.

Third step is to set Android SDK: Install the application on hardware device and it is always better to introduce virtual devices to avoid unnecessary configuration of hardware devices. An emulator executes the app right on desktop. App development for android also involves creating an Android project containing all source codes and resources involved in application. This project is built on .apk package for installation on the device.

Next step is Integration testing which is a crucial process in Android programming. SDK contains tools for debugging program. These tools together with emulators help test applications with various virtual devices. An added advantage of Eclipse IDE is that it is available with compatible debugger.

Android programming is a hot topic in present times. Millions of Android programmers are utilizing their skills online to accomplish easy android app development.  The recent introduction and sudden capture of niche market by Google’s Android has sent waves in the mobile app development market. It is not wrong to say that open source development platform has contributed a lot in the success of this operating system. Google’s support is also worth appreciating. Android app development cost is not so high contributing to apps’ success.

Android programming and Android Web Development is gaining popularity with the development and release of hundred of apps. It is beneficial to participate in forums and groups and latest updates in Android app development.

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