Beets And Their Health Benefits

Beets and their health benefits is something we probably do not think too often about. These health benefits boost up the immunity system; help to protect us from cancer, and a wonderful source of iron. Beets are low in calories and are naturally sweet. There are no saturated or Trans fats contained in beets.  

You do not have to eat fresh beets in order to profit from their health benefits. Canned beets also give you the same nutritional value and are very inexpensive. They are available as sliced, whole, or julienne cut style. They are best if they are chilled and can be eaten right out of the can or added to any type of salad for enjoyment.  

Beets contain an abundant amount of carbohydrates that provide us fuel for energy and sports activities. They also include iron, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, and calcium. Beets contain niacin along with vitamins A and C. They are a fiber food and can reduce serum cholesterol by a good forty percent.

Pregnant women profit from the folic acid in beets for the necessary development of their infant’s spinal column and for the maintenance of new cells. Eating beets is much healthier than consuming an herbal supplement purchased over-the-counter; by eating the foods that contain the nutrients and vitamins will reach the bloodstream faster than the supplement.

There are studies that have been made showing beets help guard against some cancers such as colon cancer. A very traditional treatment of leukemia is from the beet root. This approach consists of eating roughly 2 pounds of raw mashed beets each day for the treatment of tumors and leukemia. There have also been studies that show that including beets in ones diet can give protection against heart disease, help prevent varicose veins, and lower blood pressure.   

Beets can be eaten raw, steamed, boiled, sauteed, or roasted. We can also make beet juice but it has been known to be very strong; if you want a natural high, without alcohol, drink a glass of beet juice. In order to prevent a natural high it is better to mix the beet juice with apple juice or carrot juice and you will continue to profit from all the health benefits.  

Hippocrates was known for healing wounds by binding them with the leaves of raw beets. The leaves can also be eaten raw and will counteract garlic breath. We can cook the leaves just as we do spinach and they are rich in vitamin C, folic acid, iron, chlorophyll, potassium, and beta-carotene.  

The pigment in beets that give off the red color is called betacyanin. This helps in fighting against cancer. This pigment is also absorbed into our blood corpuscles and increases the oxygen carrying ability in our blood. Beets have also been known in helping to cleanse the colon and blood, and gall bladder and liver.

Beets make a pleasant garnish in meal presentation because of the bright red color. They can also be added to a Cobb salad or Caesar salad for a delicious meal. The leaves on the young beets that grow in your garden are excellent as salad greens. When the beets mature the greens are better if you cook them as you would spinach. Beet roots can be eaten raw or cooked fresh from the garden; they can also be canned, pickled, or stored, in a cool area, for later use.

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